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This patient is a woman in her 60s. She did not like how the one lower tooth was not lined up and she was concerned it was getting worse. We were able to line up the tooth with the others. By lining up the tooth, inflammation from crowding is reduced and the area is a lot easier to clean now. You can also see in the photo that her lower two front teeth have worn edges. We also made sure to move the lower teeth so they were no longer touching the upper teeth to help slow down the amount ...


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This patient was a young patient around age 30. Her bite was good but she did not like her smile with the gap between the front two teeth. We were able to close her gap within 4 months and give her the smile she wanted.


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This was a young patient who had braces in the past but she did not wear her retainers and her teeth moved and she had some severe crowding issues and she was not happy with her smile. In less than 6 months we were able to straighten everything with Invisalign and she promises to wear her retainers.




I highly recommend Dr. Silva and her staff for your dental needs. Dr. Silva is a superior, as well as, very caring dentist and her staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and safe during the current pandemic. The front office staff took extra time to contact my insurance company to make sure I was receiving the best of my insurance benefits. I have had a great deal of dental treatment over the years and I have to say Dr. Silva's work has made my bite the most comfortable it has been in many years. Her crowns match my teeth and fit beautifully and her fillings are almost invisible. I had gone to a dentist prior to her that was far from perfect (to put it nicely) and I refused to go back. 

I wish I had found Dr. Silva sooner and avoided the pain and expense I experienced at the previous office. She is now my dentist forever.


Sandi Silva, DDS