About Dr. Silva

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About Dr. Silva

Cosmetic & General Dentist

Dr. Sandi Silva is a native of Southern California. She grew up in Westminster, attended the University of Southern California and received her undergraduate degree in biological sciences.

As an undergraduate student, she was offered a job in a dental office that led to a dental assisting position which ultimately changed her career path. At the time, a future in dentistry was not in her plans. But after working closely with the dentist, she found she enjoyed helping patients with their smiles and taking care of their dental conditions. Consequently, she returned to USC, where she earned her DDS.

One of the things Dr. Silva enjoys about her job is getting to know new people and finding out about their lives. She also loves working with her hands, crediting her days as a child tinkering in the garage with her father. Dentistry allows Dr. Silva to not only work with her hands but to think of different ways to tackle different situations to get the desired result. As she puts it, “Dentistry allows me to do everything I enjoy!”

Dr. Silva's primary objective is to help her patients maintain their teeth for life. Her view is that oral health is important to overall health and quality of life, including being able to enjoy favorite foods every single day. 

In her free time, Dr. Silva enjoys spending time with her family.  Her husband, Charlie, is also a USC graduate dentist who practices in the city of Orange.  She has two children.  Her oldest is a computer science major at Northern Arizona University while her youngest is a computer engineering major at Ohio State University.  She also makes time to volunteer with her favorite rescue, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue.  She has adopted and fostered multiple german shepherds.  Her other interests include traveling and watching football.  Of course her favorite is USC Football…Fight On!

Sandi Silva, DDS